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What Is The Pause?

When we choose to follow Jesus, taking the time to pause and pray every day holds profound significance. Prayer is powerful and is a way we get to communicate with our Creator. There is POWER in the pause because it gives us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Jesus and allow Him to speak into our lives. The Pause allows us to give everyone and everything to God and gives Him room to speak. Read below for more information on the Pause and resources you can use daily!

Three Apps You Can Download

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How Many Times Do We Pause Everyday?


Every morning, take a moment to connect with God. Be still and give the day to Him. Let the first thing you do be centered around following Jesus instead of going straight to social media or a to-do list. 


Take time during your day to take a break. Give everything that has happened and everyone you have encountered to God. Remember that He is good no matter what has happened.


Reflect on your day and give 

it all to God. Take a moment 

to stop stimulation and simply sit in His presence. Silence is good and resting  in Him is one of the best things we do.


Qavah is the Hebrew root word for “wait”-meaning to wait actively with anticipation; in hope for God to act. “Be still and Qavah - Let go and wait.” God is asking us to surrender the shoulds.

Elements of the Pause


Solitude does not mean isolation. It means you set aside time to be alone with God.

Turn off social media, your laptop, your music... just take this moment to be with God and give everything from Him.

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