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Blue Skies


The Well

In the Bible, wells represented supply and provision. They were also important places of life change and spiritual transformation.  


The best known example of this is Jesus' divine appointment with "the woman at the well" in the Gospel of John chapter 4 whose life was forever changed by her encounter with Jesus. 


Jesus made a habit of choosing and spending time with the most unlikely people, and this occasion was no different. It's clear that this unnamed woman has had a really tough life, and as a result, feels excluded from the wider community. Jesus sees her, reaches out across cultural barriers, and restores her dignity.


This woman's life is changed by Jesus and she tells everyone she meets about him. They then meet Jesus for themselves and come to realize that Jesus is who He says He is—the Savior of the world.


We are all the woman at the well: Messy. Empty. Rejected and Shamed. In desperate need of the One who is waiting for us at the well. And once we receive what only He can give, we can’t resist running to bring others to meet him at The Well.

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